Sunday, June 23, 2013

Come to Disney Wolrd

WOW! School and work have sure been keeping me right on my feet. Well a few days ago, I was helping out with the new Disney Fast Pass Plus for guests that were granted a magical moment to see Illiminations from a good viewing point. I was with a fellow cast member to scan the special bands guests had and while we were waiting, we just went out in full blown dancing and making a complete fools of ourselves but hey, we did not care at all. We were having fun and well, when we forget the surroundings we don't know who is watching us having fun before the show and during it.

The fellow cast member and I were laughing so hard in some points that we had to stop moving or we would have fallen flat on our butts from laughing too hard. It was so much fun and we could tell that the guests got a good view of how crazy cast members from Disney can get during a show.

Every day at EPCOT is just a new surprise in store for me. I never know who are what is going to make me store those special memories with the ones that I already have from last time and they will continue to grow in my heart. I honestly wish deeply that everyone can come here at least once because the advertisements and pictures are not enough justice to show the true feeling here. Once you come here to see why so many people want to come back after their first visit that was one they never forgot.

I have to run to work now and to see what is in store for me today!

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