Thursday, February 6, 2014

Remembering The College Program 2013

A month has gone by since I came home from Disney World, and I want to give some advice to those who are wanting to go do the program.

1. When you get accepted, enjoy every minute that you possibly can! Think every day when you are getting ready for work: "Who can I create the Magic for them?" Trust me it works and every time I thought that I got to meet the most amazing people ever!

2. You will be placed with either amazing or terrible roommates while you stay at Disney. I've had both and it can be a challenge. Sit down with all your roommates and talk so that you can get to know one another better. Having roommates that leave you out in the dark is very hard when they all go do something and neglect to invite you. If they have any issues against you big or small: TALK! Communication is key to happy roommates! No communication leads to roommates terminating themselves because they did not feel like they belonged.

3. When you are in the parks on your day off, try to do every ride you possibly can! I did everything in 7 months and doing all the rides that are more popular I recommend that you go when the parks open. That way you are able to do the more popular rides.

4. What ever program you get on, try to at least go get a reservation to one of the more tougher restaurants. You never know what can happen! I got to go into the be our guest restaurant at Magic Kingdom the same day I went to celebrate my brother's graduation and I got in!! Some are more difficult to get in but just try and be determined! The most challenging one is Cinderella's Royal Table because it is in the castle itself.

5. While you are working you never know what kind of memories you will gain! Whether it is with
fellow cast members or you creating them for guests who are there on vacation. Some families are there from Make A Wish or Give Kids the World Foundations and you might just be the one whom they remember their entire trip.

6. Smile! It is very contagious! A fellow cast member that I worked with, he always had a smile when he came into work and if I was having a tough day his smile had me forget all my worries and I was truly grateful that he was there to make my day. So smile! You never know who maybe in need of a smile in return.

7. When you look back at all the good times you had at Disney, they will forever be in your heart! the ups and downs changed me and all the times I was there I would never trade them for the world!