Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Time is Now Up

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been writing on this blog for quite a long time. Working for Disney made me forget that I even had this blog in the first place. During the Holiday season, I have had a lot to look back on and see how much I am very grateful that I was able to be here in Disney World for at least one more time before I fly home to Idaho in less than two weeks. I know a lot of my friends and family are ready for me to be home and yes, I can feel the same way too.

But yet my heart is very sad because I have to leave yet one more family again and it kills me that I have to leave this amazing place that I hold so close to my heart and wish that I would stay more. Yet schooling is calling me home and while I type this post, my heart is literally breaking in two pieces right now. For those who have been a child in their hearts and have worked with Disney can understand my pain in leaving.

I will be spending Christmas Eve and day with a few friends who live in Kissimmee. I am very excited to see what they have planned those days. Magic Kingdom today was literally packed like a can of tuna. I did not even get on the rides because they were all over 60 minutes long. Some of them were 90 minute wait lines (and that was without the fast pass section). OUCH! So instead of going on rides I just waited for the parade and then the Celebrate the Seasons in front of the castle.

The shows were very cute and I really liked them! After I left Magic Kingdom (because I did not want to be packed there for the fireworks and the Main Street Electrical), I took the ferry back to the Transportation & Ticket Center (or TTC) and walked over to the Grand Floridian to see the life-size scale of a gingerbread house that my friends told me about.

I haven't cheated in looking but the smell is killing me into peaking around the corner but I dare not. On Christmas day I am going to keep my family tradition strong in me since I cannot do it at home. I will watch the 6 hour version of Jane Austin's 'Pride & Prejudice' that is if my friends have that movie version or not. Either way I am still going to do it. I am very excited for the coming new year and hope it goes well for me. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year too! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As the end draws near

Oh m Hannah Montana people! I AM SOOO sorry that I haven't been on this blog in like FOREVER! To let you all know on January 8th I am flying home to Idaho since my program ends on the 2nd of January. As sad as this is, I am ready to see my friends and family again. Six months of living here has been amazing but I am ready to return to my beautiful mountains in Idaho. Believe me I am starting to think that some trees in the far off distance are mountains. Nope!

These past few months have been so AMAZING for me and I wish it would last forever but, I am needed home again and to be honest, I wish some times I did not have to go back to Idaho. Since my family left after that wonderful week vacation with them, I had to face the death of the Food and Wine festival. Wow, I have never seen so many drunk people in my life! But it was fun to see what it was like and not to mention I got to see some amazing performances. Some that I really enjoyed were: Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and Starship with Mickey Thomas.

I got to sit in amazing section for Sugar Ray and I got the electric guitar player's pick that he threw into the audience! SCORE! And the lead singer was right in front of me to where I got an amazing picture (no zoom was involved at all!) Smash Mouth I got to see it with some fellow cast members and guests that would come to at least one show for every concert going on for the Food & Wine festival. But Starship with Mickey Thomas will forever be my ultimate favorite!
Since I made a huge fool of myself with his family during that nasty rain storm.

Below are some pictures that I have taken and I hope you all enjoy them. Maybe one day you can come to Disney World or Disneyland to see what a HUGE difference Walt Disney made and to see that it indeed all begin with a mouse!

Time is Almost Over

I cannot begin to tell you all how hard it is for me to be writing this post. Time had FLOWN for me since I have been here on my internship and in January I will be flying home to Idaho. This is my last time that I will be working for the Disney Company. All the people that I have meet while I have been here have touched my life in the endless memories that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. Having my family come and visit me while I was here was beyond amazing and I am truly grateful that they came to see me when they had the chance. I know some of my friends back at home are coming to work for Disney right after I leave. I promise to those who are coming to be with the company that you will love working here and you will learn to create your own types of memories that will follow with you forever. Some even stick with you that you tell over and over and over again because it meant that much to you as a Disney Cast Member.

I hope that all those who are considering on doing the Disney College Program PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do it! It changed my life and it will for you too! You never know what doors Disney can open for you and it will be once amazing journey to be on and to consider yourself apart of the Disney family.

Living During the Food & Wine Festival

Man a live this Festival has been keeping me so darn busy that I have had no time to post on my blog. The past few weeks have been so wacky that I think I have lost my marbles in Neverland. Having fun during the Food & Wine Festival here at EPCOT I have been able to see some amazing bands that came to perform. I got to see Starship staring Mickey Thomas and Sugar Ray.

When Starship came at the very beginning I was helping control the guests waiting in line to see the shows. When I was helping a fellow cast member (name not to be mentioned) we were getting pelted with rain during the last showing when the following event is forever branded into my mind. I saw a guest trying to record Mickey Thomas with their iPhone while the rain was getting a lot worse than the beginning of the show.

I had an umbrella to protect me and the fellow cast member when I decided to hold my umbrella over her so that her iPhone won't get ruined. She took it from me and I thought that after the show she would just give it back and go enjoy the rest of the festival. ha ha NOPE WRONG!!!!

When the band was at the 2nd to last song the guest came back and asked if she could take my umbrella backstage and she told us that she was Mickey's wife. Please note that we had thought at first she was a fellow cast member and she was on her day off. Well that was completely wrong when we saw her go towards the American Garden backstage. OOOOHHHHHH........ DUH that Mickey!!!!!!

It was so cool to hear that but yet here I am SOAKING WET in my costume and I had to go in the back and get my umbrella from her. Okay, completely humiliating that I had to do that because when I knocked on the door she went into, there inside was ALL of her and Mickey's family inside. GREAT..... I felt like a moron and seeing ALL of Mickey's family WHILE soaking wet was not the greatest thing ever but yet cool at the same time. Mickey's wife was just telling her family about me when I knocked on the door to get my umbrella. I was just glad that she got back a lot dryer than I did and found my umbrella and left.

That was amazing yet VERY humiliating to be standing there while I had to ask Mickey's wife for my umbrella. I had a fun time telling my friends after the band left and many were in complete shock when I told them. After my shift was over I went to Downtown Disney because my family was going to meet up with me at the Disney Store. A friend was kind enough to drive me over so I could see my family. While I was waiting for the family to arrive, I called my mom to see which side they would be coming from. They told me to look on the left side of the store and wait.

But what happened next was by far the BEST medicine I could've ever had. I was trying to tell myself in my mind not to cry when I saw my family because I was WAY too excited to see them as it was but when I saw my sister come into view, my heart was beating a lot faster than it already was. Then my aunt came into view; heart rate faster than ever. Next thing I knew my mom is there; now I am in trouble. The tears that I thought would not come, did come and SUPER fast at that too! As soon as I saw my mom, I ran and I mean I RAN into her arms and just cried and cried. I was SO relieved that she was here and I was in her arms after 4 months of not being able to feel my mom's touch.

Once we gained our composer, I hugged my sister and brother that came to see me on this once in a life time experience and then my aunt who made it all possible to get them here! It was the best night that I will never forget. Going from a complete humiliation with being soaked to the bone with Mickey Thomas's wife and family to seeing my own family right after the concert. So yeah I guess dreams really do come true and I am glad that my family got to be here to experience it with me before I go home in January.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Having family come

This past week was a true joy and relief for me to have family come visit me while I have been working here for Disney. Here are a few pictures that were taken while my family was here.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time to begin the fun with the family!

Well, the much anticipated time of my college program has FINALLY arrived tonight around 10:20 pm Orlando, Florida time. I was at work tonight to watch Illuminations and then clear the park to make sure guests get out safely when the unexpected happened tonight. At 9 pm the fireworks normally go off but they didn't go off. Strange. Instead there were some fireworks that went off but no music. Okay. Strange that happened. In all my time being here I have NEVER seen that happen before. It was something I must admit not being used to and thanks to Mickey we were able to find the huge problem. THANKS A LOT MALEFICENT!!!!!!

A lot of guests were really upset about it and I can agree with that one 100% but we were able to watch it thank heavens. When we were all done clearing the park and yes we got out on time (shockingly), I called my mom to see if she was still at the airport waiting to meet up with my aunt. They were and they are just as excited to see me as I am for them! Tomorrow I work and 8 hour shift but to be honest it will feel like I just got there then left to see my family! I cannot begin to tell you how I am feeling while I am typing this at 11:50 at night but hey that's what I get for knowing that my family is safe and sound in Orlando and now the memories can begin and some awesome surprises up my sleeve as well. he he he he. Well I have to go to sleep right now because the Food and Wine Festival has already begun but it is going to be CRAZY tomorrow with the Starship band playing. Latters.

Family is on their way to Orlando!

Today has been such an exciting one for me! My family is on their way to Disney World! They land latter on in the night and tomorrow we get to meet up at Downtown Disney. No words can describe my pure joy knowing that my family is FINALLY coming to see me! I wish I would write more right now but I have to go to work. I will post more tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom

Wow wow wow!!!! I cannot believe the fun I had at Magic Kingdom last night with the not so scary halloween party at Magic Kingdom. My roommate Jocelyn and I went as Mad Hatter and a night fairy. We had such a blast because we got to meet with a lot of characters! I got to see Jack Skelington and Sally, Mad Hatter, Alice, White Rabbit, the 7 dwarfs, Cinderella & Charming, Snow and her prince, Aurora and Philip, Rapunzel and Flynn, Donald Duck & Daisy Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, etc.

Jocelyn and I went to Magic Kingdom a lot earlier to M.K. to do a Disney challenge "dress up as one of your favorite Disney Characters at a theme park". We saw Mad Hatter at the street party on Main Street and when he saw me he went crazy because I was just as Mad as he was. Push the talking trash can came up and talked to me as well for almost 5 minutes. Jocelyn took a video of me talking to him and I had a fun time talking to him.

When the time came for the not so scary party to begin I saw the headless horseman riding on a BEAUTIFUL black horse! I just about died when I saw that. The parade was AMAZING!! I highly recommend staying to see the grave diggers because they are worth your time and hassle waiting. The best thing that I love the most the entire night was when I saw Flynn Rider with Rapunzel. The Flynn I saw two years ago was at the not so scary party!!!! My heart literally stopped when I saw him! I could not believe what I was seeing because he NEVER comes out except on rare occasions. Here are the two pictures below this post. The top one was taken at the not so scary party and the bottom one is from 2 years ago. There are also a few others from the not so scary party as well!

So if any of you who are thinking of going DO IT! You will want to go back!