Friday, August 30, 2013

Make A Wish Agent I Meet.

Tonight was a long day for me but that all changed when I came across a family that was from Make A Wish Foundation. The guests' name was Issac and boy he had quiet an awesome smile. The little agent that had come with his family was doing a mission in France when I saw him wearing a Make a Wish button I had to make his night.

I talked with him and soon found out that he is a HUGE fan of Mickey. I found that he was on coming back to EPCOT the next day to see Mickey and the gang. I asked if he had a map of the park When he pulled out his map I was able to circle out where certain characters were hiding at EPCOT.

When I was done showing him the character's hiding spots, I was about to go and finish my run for the night of getting phones when Issac told me that he was really grateful that I showed him with his new map on where to go when he came back the next day.

Now when I was at work today one of my managers told me that I went above and beyond to help that family to where I got an applause-o-gram yet again. Just helping out that family and their son Issac was one of the many reasons WHY I work for Disney. Many people find reasons why they don't want to go to work every day but I find what I can to help others who come to Disney to get away from their worldly problems. It is just amazing to have this and knowing that I can make a difference for someone else in the world.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The story of the Gods on Mount Olympus

I cannot believe this actually happened to me of all cast members at EPCOT but I just HAD to tell all of you this very special story.

On July 28th I was over at the Agent P cart by Italy when I had noticed a bad thunderstorm coming right behind Italy. When I had reached my destination to give a fellow agent a mission from Major Monogram I was blessed to come across a family of four that would hold a dear place in my heart.

In Italy you can see Sergio do very funny performances while blowing on a whistle. During his show I heard thunder coming close and that is the huge signal for the agents to be alert and ready for a call from Major Monogram to go hide and seek cover. I was under the umbrella that they have for us when I had spotted a family of four (father, mother, daughter, and son) walking away from the show.

The daughter was in tears and I just HAD to do something to make her feel a lot better. I called the family over and this is what happened.

me: "Hi everyone! How are you all doing today?"

mother: "Fine thanks! We just got done seeing Sergio but now we are going to get some ponchos before the storm comes."

me: "That's good but I couldn't help but notice someone is crying. What's wrong princess?"

daughter: "I heard the thunder while I was seeing the show and I am very scared that it will hurt me."

me: " Oh, don't worry princess do you know why it is this way with the thunder and the lightning?"

daughter: "No why?"

me: "Well Hercules went home for the weekend and when he goes home, Zeus and all the Gods on Mount Olympus have a HUGE party for him to welcome him home for the weekend. They play bowling all the time since that is Hercules' favorite game ever! When you hear the thunder it means he just got a strike and when you see lightning Zeus is telling all the other Gods that Hercules got a strike!"

daughter: "Really? Cool, but what about this wind we have been having all day today?"

me: "Well mickey has been trying to get up to Mount Olympus to tell them that their little "welcome home party" is starting to get a little bit out of hand but there is a barrier that is stopping Mickey from getting up there. But don't worry mickey is getting close on his magic to get through to tell them to tone it down a tad bit so we can enjoy our vacations."

daughter: "Okay that's good if Mickey can try and settle them down. I really like that. But what about the rain? It is pouring!"

me: "Well like I said there is that barrier that makes Mickey have a hard time but this rain is actually confetti from Mount Olympus. Once it hits that barrier, it turns to rain and comes down on us to where we all get wet!"

daughter: "Okay, I am very glad that it won't get me now that it is Hercules and the Gods playing! Thank you Jada!"

me: "Your welcome and just make sure you wear those special ponchos to keep you warm and dry okay?"

daughter: "Okay!"

When the family left and went their way I was glad that I helped her stop crying. Then about a week latter, I was called to talk with my managers and they had something for me. It was an Applause-O-Gram (which is very rare to get now) from that family I had mentioned in this story! The little girl was so grateful that I made her day and to never be afraid of lightning again! This made me so happy and to know that I can make a difference and I can help keep Walt's vision strong so that everyone can feel welcome when they come to Disney World!

Living at EPCOT as an undercover agent!

Hey everyone! I know being an undercover agent with Agent P and the O.W.C.A. is not an easy thing when Dr. Doofensmertz is at large trying to take over the tri-state countries we as agents have to be very careful when we are undercover! Thankfully he hasn't found me yet and I was able to take these amazing pictures of some of the countries while I was undercover at EPCOT a few times. I hope you are not a double agent and that you can be an agent like me some day! <3 Agent Jada

Canada light up at night when I was park clearing. This was a true joy to find light up like this. 

Norway! I love this feeling when I have to work over by this country. 

China! You can meet & greet with Mulan here! 

Germany, this is where Snow White will be at if you plan on seeing her at EPCOT

This reminds me of the movie "Thief Lord". 

Italy. Best place to get gelato. 

For you "whovian" fans you can agree with me that I feel like this angel will transform when I "blink".

Stay calm and don't blink. 


This is after you are done with the show in America or 'Merica! 

One view you can watch "Illiminations" from 'Merica!