Friday, July 5, 2013

The 4th of July life at EPCOT

Yesterday was amazing at work! When I got to work yesterday I was just chillin' out in the back with my fellow agents when I had noticed a piece of paper on the wall with my name on it. It was a four key element card from forever ago when EPCOT was in a testing phase for a new idea they are thinking of. Not sure if it worked or not. It was so cool to finally get one of those cards!

Latter on during my day, I was over by United Kingdom when two guests came over to me and my fellow cast member Ronnie about them losing their hotel keys in the theme park. The poor father was very upset because not only did he lose his hotel card and his sons but it was also his birthday yesterday. I felt so bad for him and his son and so Ronnie and I decided to take action in finding a way to make sure that they have a better experience while they were at Disney World.

The father was very stressed and I told him that I would take his son to go get brand new hotel keys and make sure the ones that were lost would be canceled. When I took the son to go get new keys, he was asking me so many questions as to what Ronnie and I were saying. I told him that a lot of our higher agents were all called Agent 10 just to be safe so that Maleficent and Dr. Doofenshmirtz wouldn't know who was who in our agency. The little boy's eyes light up and thought that was amazing.

When we got to the window for Guest Relations, we were able to get them two new keys and the cast member gave the son a card for two free ice cream treats. When we got back the father was very happy and told Ronnie and I this: " the past 15 years of going to any Disney theme park, I have never seen Guest Service to my family and I until know. I will never forget you two, thank you for helping my son and I to have a wonderful time today." Just hearing that was enough to make me feel amazing and knowing that I love doing what I do here at Disney so that others can enjoy their time here.

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