Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Catching up on posts

Hey everyone!

Boy, I am SO sorry that I haven't been keeping up with my posts like I normally would! So here is what I have to tell you so far into my program! When I was officially moved into my apartment at Chattham Square, I went to Walmart to get some groceries with my roommates but soon discovered that I had a fever of 102.9 later on in the night. Tatiana and her boyfriend Joe were very kind enough to help break the fever and give me a blessing as well! The wonders of the power of the Priesthood!

Traditions went by wonderfully! No high heels this time! Flats it was and should stay that way, PERIOD! A lot of the college students were so excited to see what this program has in store for them and I can tell you it is worth every day to be here at Disney World!

First week into my training, I loved every minute of it! This is going to be a lot more fun compared to the last location that I was at. The training was beyond amazing and when I was doing it, boy no words can describe what I have been missing for almost two years now! Feeling like a family in the work area.

First two days off, I spent my first day doing the famous homework for BYU-Idaho. Yeah! NOT!!!! Second day, Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios baby! When I got to Hollywood Studios (or back then the MGM), I made it just in time to see the Star Wars parade and well, the pictures down at the bottom will be quite a surprise for a lot of you I'm sure. Just know that the humidity here in Florida has been making my hair go all wack-o and it is hard to maintain it as of now but I am hoping it will get better.

So this is a up to speed post but I promise that I will get better at this and hopefully it won't be so crazy to stay on top of this.

Do you all know who this is? If so then yeah be jealous! 

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