Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The wonders of funny memories with your roommates at Magic Kingdom

Okay, so yesterday I had spent the entire day doing nothing but homework for BYU-I. By 7 pm my brain was fried to kingdom come! Thankfully Ariel my roommate was about to go meet up with Tatiana and Jocelyn at MK. Since being home all day and no fun, I decided to tag along and take a big breather. Yeah BIG major problem when we left, no rain gear to keep us dry. HELLO WATERFALL RAIN!!!!

By time Ariel and I got off the bus to the main entrance to MK, we were soaked from head to toe. Thankfully we finally met up with Tatiana and Jocelyn and decided to go to the Haunted Mansion to dry off let alone there was a 10 minute wait line. For those of you how have been on this ride may begin to laugh but once we go into the room that is stretching or we are getting smaller to finally expose a person in the hanging dead above us with lightning going off as well.

Here is when the story gets VERY funny okay? Well all of my roommates decided to make it funny by screaming our heads off when we got to that room and well, once they saw the dead body (fyi not a real human) we all screamed like maniacs. A person in the room with us said out loud "Not funny!" But it was to us because we had managed to scare EVERYONE in that room! Best thing to ever to witness too that day!

So here is a word of advise, if you have roommates that are wanting to do things like this, DO IT!!!! It is funny and no one will know who did it in the first place!

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