Sunday, June 23, 2013

Come to Disney Wolrd

WOW! School and work have sure been keeping me right on my feet. Well a few days ago, I was helping out with the new Disney Fast Pass Plus for guests that were granted a magical moment to see Illiminations from a good viewing point. I was with a fellow cast member to scan the special bands guests had and while we were waiting, we just went out in full blown dancing and making a complete fools of ourselves but hey, we did not care at all. We were having fun and well, when we forget the surroundings we don't know who is watching us having fun before the show and during it.

The fellow cast member and I were laughing so hard in some points that we had to stop moving or we would have fallen flat on our butts from laughing too hard. It was so much fun and we could tell that the guests got a good view of how crazy cast members from Disney can get during a show.

Every day at EPCOT is just a new surprise in store for me. I never know who are what is going to make me store those special memories with the ones that I already have from last time and they will continue to grow in my heart. I honestly wish deeply that everyone can come here at least once because the advertisements and pictures are not enough justice to show the true feeling here. Once you come here to see why so many people want to come back after their first visit that was one they never forgot.

I have to run to work now and to see what is in store for me today!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Updates on my life here in Orlando

So, I cannot begin on where to start on this post. First of all, Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and especially my own dad! I am so proud to have him in my life!

So yesterday night I was talking with my mom and she told me that she, my Aunt Linda, and two younger siblings Amanda and David are all coming to Disney World! We don't know the actual dates yet but I am so GLAD that they are coming to see me and why I love being here at Disney World so much! That was the perfect way to end my work shift.

I also went to Stake-n-Shake with a bunch of friends from work last night and we had a wonderful time laughing over the craziest stories that we have from working at Disney, life and the craziness that we can face with every day but love it as well.

This week, my roommate Kortnee is coming to Orlando to have fun with her family. I do not know how many days they might come to Disney World but I am really excited to she her again after a long time. I don't remember the last time we actually had a fun time together.

Well I need to go to work now but I will post more very soon!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amazed by my day!

So today I was at Magic Kingdom (MK) to celebrate my brother Cody graduating from high school. Since I was on the opposite ends of the map and couldn't go home, I decided to go celebrate it at MK instead. The day before, Tatiana and Jocelyn got into one of the most difficult restaurants to get into because it is BRAND NEW, the Be Our Guest restaurant. They said it was amazing and that I should give it a try some time.

So good reason to give it a shot than to celebrate your bro's graduation right? When I arrived at 12, I went on a lot of rides to kill time so by 3ish, I could check and see if any cancellations had been made for the Be Our Guest. Once 3 'o clock came, I checked and turns out there were a lot of cancellations today! I immediately signed up to get in. The lady that helped me heard why I was doing this and she said to me "I have to give you a hug since you aren't there to celebrate it there, you are doing it here to make up for it."

I had to wait until 4 pm to get in so I burned time by going to the meet and greet with Ariel when she is a mermaid. By time I was done there, it was time to go back and get ready for the once in a life time at Be Our Guest. The outside of the castle was amazing and no words can describe the beauty that was put into it. When they were getting guests to come in, my server was beyond amazing. He was so professional on making sure I was getting my food and what made me more impressed is that he would give me hints on hidden Mickey's that were in the West Wing!!!! That blew me away that he was willing to take a few minutes out of his time to show me that!

The food there was exquisite! Never in my life would that food that I had remind me of my dad's good steaks that he makes very well be in the one I had tonight! Despite that it was expensive to have dinner, but I know that my server made it worth my time and effort to get into the restaurant tonight! When I was finished with my dinner I had the grey stuff and by that speaks for itself. I cannot begin to describe how amazing that stuff is! You'll have to try it for yourself!

When I was finished with my dinner, I was about to leave but I couldn't without letting a manager know about my experience there tonight. When he came over I had told him about the good word from other friends at home who have been there but I did not realize how WELL the service was! I mentioned my server BY NAME and told the manager that I was very well pleased and that he made my day even better!

So now that I am home for the night, I just want to share this story with all of you because that restaurant is SO worth the time and effort to get in! They will not disappoint you at all and I HIGHLY recommend going there if you are staying at Disney World!

The wonders of funny memories with your roommates at Magic Kingdom

Okay, so yesterday I had spent the entire day doing nothing but homework for BYU-I. By 7 pm my brain was fried to kingdom come! Thankfully Ariel my roommate was about to go meet up with Tatiana and Jocelyn at MK. Since being home all day and no fun, I decided to tag along and take a big breather. Yeah BIG major problem when we left, no rain gear to keep us dry. HELLO WATERFALL RAIN!!!!

By time Ariel and I got off the bus to the main entrance to MK, we were soaked from head to toe. Thankfully we finally met up with Tatiana and Jocelyn and decided to go to the Haunted Mansion to dry off let alone there was a 10 minute wait line. For those of you how have been on this ride may begin to laugh but once we go into the room that is stretching or we are getting smaller to finally expose a person in the hanging dead above us with lightning going off as well.

Here is when the story gets VERY funny okay? Well all of my roommates decided to make it funny by screaming our heads off when we got to that room and well, once they saw the dead body (fyi not a real human) we all screamed like maniacs. A person in the room with us said out loud "Not funny!" But it was to us because we had managed to scare EVERYONE in that room! Best thing to ever to witness too that day!

So here is a word of advise, if you have roommates that are wanting to do things like this, DO IT!!!! It is funny and no one will know who did it in the first place!

Catching up on posts

Hey everyone!

Boy, I am SO sorry that I haven't been keeping up with my posts like I normally would! So here is what I have to tell you so far into my program! When I was officially moved into my apartment at Chattham Square, I went to Walmart to get some groceries with my roommates but soon discovered that I had a fever of 102.9 later on in the night. Tatiana and her boyfriend Joe were very kind enough to help break the fever and give me a blessing as well! The wonders of the power of the Priesthood!

Traditions went by wonderfully! No high heels this time! Flats it was and should stay that way, PERIOD! A lot of the college students were so excited to see what this program has in store for them and I can tell you it is worth every day to be here at Disney World!

First week into my training, I loved every minute of it! This is going to be a lot more fun compared to the last location that I was at. The training was beyond amazing and when I was doing it, boy no words can describe what I have been missing for almost two years now! Feeling like a family in the work area.

First two days off, I spent my first day doing the famous homework for BYU-Idaho. Yeah! NOT!!!! Second day, Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios baby! When I got to Hollywood Studios (or back then the MGM), I made it just in time to see the Star Wars parade and well, the pictures down at the bottom will be quite a surprise for a lot of you I'm sure. Just know that the humidity here in Florida has been making my hair go all wack-o and it is hard to maintain it as of now but I am hoping it will get better.

So this is a up to speed post but I promise that I will get better at this and hopefully it won't be so crazy to stay on top of this.

Do you all know who this is? If so then yeah be jealous!