Sunday, June 16, 2013

Updates on my life here in Orlando

So, I cannot begin on where to start on this post. First of all, Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and especially my own dad! I am so proud to have him in my life!

So yesterday night I was talking with my mom and she told me that she, my Aunt Linda, and two younger siblings Amanda and David are all coming to Disney World! We don't know the actual dates yet but I am so GLAD that they are coming to see me and why I love being here at Disney World so much! That was the perfect way to end my work shift.

I also went to Stake-n-Shake with a bunch of friends from work last night and we had a wonderful time laughing over the craziest stories that we have from working at Disney, life and the craziness that we can face with every day but love it as well.

This week, my roommate Kortnee is coming to Orlando to have fun with her family. I do not know how many days they might come to Disney World but I am really excited to she her again after a long time. I don't remember the last time we actually had a fun time together.

Well I need to go to work now but I will post more very soon!

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