Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amazed by my day!

So today I was at Magic Kingdom (MK) to celebrate my brother Cody graduating from high school. Since I was on the opposite ends of the map and couldn't go home, I decided to go celebrate it at MK instead. The day before, Tatiana and Jocelyn got into one of the most difficult restaurants to get into because it is BRAND NEW, the Be Our Guest restaurant. They said it was amazing and that I should give it a try some time.

So good reason to give it a shot than to celebrate your bro's graduation right? When I arrived at 12, I went on a lot of rides to kill time so by 3ish, I could check and see if any cancellations had been made for the Be Our Guest. Once 3 'o clock came, I checked and turns out there were a lot of cancellations today! I immediately signed up to get in. The lady that helped me heard why I was doing this and she said to me "I have to give you a hug since you aren't there to celebrate it there, you are doing it here to make up for it."

I had to wait until 4 pm to get in so I burned time by going to the meet and greet with Ariel when she is a mermaid. By time I was done there, it was time to go back and get ready for the once in a life time at Be Our Guest. The outside of the castle was amazing and no words can describe the beauty that was put into it. When they were getting guests to come in, my server was beyond amazing. He was so professional on making sure I was getting my food and what made me more impressed is that he would give me hints on hidden Mickey's that were in the West Wing!!!! That blew me away that he was willing to take a few minutes out of his time to show me that!

The food there was exquisite! Never in my life would that food that I had remind me of my dad's good steaks that he makes very well be in the one I had tonight! Despite that it was expensive to have dinner, but I know that my server made it worth my time and effort to get into the restaurant tonight! When I was finished with my dinner I had the grey stuff and by that speaks for itself. I cannot begin to describe how amazing that stuff is! You'll have to try it for yourself!

When I was finished with my dinner, I was about to leave but I couldn't without letting a manager know about my experience there tonight. When he came over I had told him about the good word from other friends at home who have been there but I did not realize how WELL the service was! I mentioned my server BY NAME and told the manager that I was very well pleased and that he made my day even better!

So now that I am home for the night, I just want to share this story with all of you because that restaurant is SO worth the time and effort to get in! They will not disappoint you at all and I HIGHLY recommend going there if you are staying at Disney World!

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