Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life After Disney and Photos

Life here has been going very well since I have been home from Orlando and Disney World. I admit I still miss it very much and the memories that I made there will never leave me. Now that I am home, I have discovered many surprises that are in store for me. One thing that I discovered is that I get to graduate this spring semester! SCORE!!!! But Disney will forever hold a place in my heart!

Here are a few pictures of my 7 months at Disney World.
Waiting to go home from the Contemporary Resort. 

Agent Ronnie! He learned from Mickey Mouse to do his voice when Ronnie lost his. 

Aimee and I at Planet Hollywood having dinner . We got to see the Patriot 'Iron Man' suit while we were having dinner. 

Being a book nerd for halloween last year. The book is the first one to a series that I love very much and my new fond vampire series. 

Anna, me and Elsa before the movie 'Frozen' came out. This was the 2nd day they were in the Norway pavilion at EPCOT and the wait line was only 30 minutes! Score! After the movie it was a 4 hour wait. (not kidding!)

Jasmine, me and Aladdin in Morocco pavilion at EPCOT. 

Me at the 'Night of Stars' show for CP's. A fellow cast member was performing and I came to support him!  
This is Benji the winner of "Best Instrumental" in the 'Night of Stars'. A lot of people came to support him. Tons of Agent P cast members were there too. 

Markise and I enjoying the Osmond Christmas Lights at Hollywood Studios (or MGM) after 'Night of Stars'.  

Mickey Mouse and I before I had to take the boat over to EPCOT to begin my shift that day. 

Wreck-it Ralph, me and Vanellope von Schweetz

Tree of Life at the Animal Kingdom. This was going to see the show "It's Tough To Be A Bug". 

Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. Try to survive the yeti inside the mountain if you can!   

Tigger and I before Christmas week. 

Chip, me and Dale 

Lilo, Robyn Lee and I at Ohana's at the Polynesian Resort for breakfast with other Agent P cast members.  

Stitch came up out of nowhere and this was the best way to get him behind Robyn Lee.  
He was quite the jokester and I really liked him. 

Pluto with Lucas and Maria (fellow Agent P cast members). 

Lucas, Manuel, Mickey Mouse, me, Robyn Lee and Maria. We had to take at least one with all of us with our boss. 

Marry Poppins, me and Bert celebrating "Limited Time Magic" to help promote the new Disney movie 'Saving Mr. Banks'. Bert NEVER comes out and this was a once in a life time to get him with Marry. 

Frank and Shayne drove 3 hours to come see me the weekend before Christmas week. It was the best gift I have ever received! We totally owned the parks we went to!

Christmas Eve at Magic Kingdom and boy that was maxed out. I did not go on ANY rides because they were all over 2 hour waits. I just walked around to take pictures and videos. Since I was only 8 days away from being done with my program I had to take as much as I could before I could no longer get in for free. 

I got to see Peter Pan and Wendy on Christmas Eve. They thought I was a pirate from my sleeves. They had stripes but I told them they were candy cane stripes and they relaxed. That was a Magical Moment for me with them. 

Jacob came to the SLC airport to surprise me when I flew in. I was beyond tired and was on my way to get my luggage when I felt a hand on my right shoulder and when I turned around there he was. It was the best way to come home to. 

I took this when I was just taking pictures for my friend Danielle when I was on the bridge to Liberty Square when I looked at the castle and the castle was like this for only 3 minutes. This NEVER happens and it is more of a "be at the right place at the right time" photo shot and this is by far my favorite one I have ever taken of the castle. 

The castle after it was light up. The pictures don't do so much justice and if you have seen the castle light up, you just know the feeling when it does. Seeing that happen for the first time for me was beyond amazing! 

Hades and I at the Winter Formal.

Me and the Evil Queen at the Winter Formal.

Shon and I at the Winter Formal. We are both from Idaho. 

A bunch of fellow LDS members at the Winter Formal 

Andrew and Shon. They were amazing roommates. 

Thanks to this man I have been able to be apart of the Disney family twice! I owe so much to him and his dreams! Thank you Walt Elias Disney!!!!! You truly made my dreams come true while I worked for your company. 

I got to graduate from the program!!!

This is what I got during the graduating for CP's only . 

Having the famous Dr. Doofenslurps at EPCOT. I had to make sure that Dr. Doofenshmirtz did not put anything diabolical into the drinks. Since I was an Agent for the O.W.C.A. you have to go undercover.