Friday, January 3, 2014

Reflections of My Disney Adventures.

Today while I was looking around on Facebook, I came across this quote that had my own personal experiences that I have had here at Disney World. There will be sometimes you just want to quit and give up but if you think to yourself; "Who can I help create a wonderful trip here at Disney World?" it does help you move on and to 'Keep moving forward'.

During the summer I had to be completely honest, I was not ready for the swarming amounts of tour groups from South America come in all at once. Think on this level (150 or more kids in one group with only 3-4 adults in the group). Yeah I was ready to throw the towel in and just up and leave but I had to always ask myself "If I leave, there is no chance that I can help create the Magic here and some family or child may have a different view on their trip and may not want to come back."

There were other times it was from trying to deal with personal issues at the apartment that I was staying at for  my time. I had to learn at one point that since I did not feel like I was welcomed or belonged to go off and do things on my own. That was a hard lesson but after I went off to go do things with friends from work of by myself I had more fun than I did being all by myself.

During my many adventures I had some amazing things happen to me as well. My family decided to come and see me while I was here. I mean who doesn't want to get into Disney World for free? Having them come was amazing and to also mention that it was my little siblings first time to ANY Disney theme parks in their lives. Knowing how much a family of 4 blows for a few day trip it is very hard to even think of going with a family of 8. But having them come was the best medicine a girl could've ever asked for when she was struggling very badly in her life and needed to see some familiar faces.

Also during my adventures I was able to meet the most amazing cute couple ever! Author Shayne Leighton from the book series 'Of Light and Darkness' and her husband Frank. I met Shayne at a Book Fest in August and then in December I was bale to see Shayne again and meet her husband Frank for the first time. I will say from my own view that we OWNED the parks that we went to and boy I had a blast with them. I wish them the best of luck in their many adventures this year. Good luck you two!!

 In many ways I can say that the 'wilderness [was] explored' (Disney's Up) while I have been here and I wish that I could write more but I need to get my hands warm since it is freezing right now and I have to put them in warm water.

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