Monday, January 6, 2014

Jokes that I See Related to Disney

For the longest time I would find things that were very funny about Disney but just today I saw this and I could not stop laughing because this is SO true. Even though I never worked at Maelstrom in the Norway pavilion, I can feel the pain of how crowded it was after the Frozen princesses came. Now trying to get through Norway at EPCOT is very hard and filled A LOT with guests. So for all of those who have seen the difference can agree with me and say that this picture is SO true. 
When I saw this one, I could not help but wonder what poor Flynn had to go through the entire movie.


This made my head spin. I think Disney was WAY head of 'Percy Jackson' on this one. Just took a little longer for us to see that. 
Way to set an example of talking to strangers Disney! This was scary yet funny at the same time.

Frying pans who knew they are of good use for almost ANYTHNG!! Thank you Rapunzel for that lesson! 
This one is now my all time favorite for now because it is very true. Sometimes you don't need your prince to save you right now. Sisters can save you before they do! Thank you Anna and Elsa for this lesson!
Even though there is a TON of Disney pictures that make fun of the characters but these are the ones make me laugh.

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