Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A memory that I will never forget!

Tonight I was helping guests who had wheelchair access to see Illiminations tonight when fate had brought me to a family that I will never forget. The family did not have a wheelchair but their grand/daughter could not see very well due to a certain eye disease that was taking her vision away. Her name is Katie (and I did NOT change her name!) Katie looked about 6-7 years old when she and her grandmother came over to me to make sure it was alright to stay inside the wheelchair area for the show. At fist I wasn't sure but I used my better judgement and let the family in.

During the time to wait for the show, I decided to let Katie play with some bubbles that I bought just for the waiting part of the show. She had a very fun time playing with them and while we were playing, Angel (real name too) was actually training with a new cast member tonight with me. He went and got a surprise for Katie and told her that Mickey got her a certificate for free ice cream! She was in all smiles at this point but it was about to get even better!

Due to Katie's eye sight going away, I had told her that there was some very powerful pixie dust that Tinkerbell and Rapunzel gave to go give to her. I had her close her eyes and when I had applied the pixie dust I sang out in the public hearing, the healing song from Tangled! Fist time I had the guts to actually sing for others to enjoy and boy did Katie enjoy the song. Her family was on the verge of tears, Angel and the new cast member were too, and I was trying SO hard not to lose my emotions while I was singing to her.

During the show I made her little experience even better! I had her help me light up the countries along with her family and other guests. They were all excited and thrilled to have this magical moment with me. Once it was all over and I was telling guests good night Katie gave me a HUGE hug and thanked me for the memories! Her grandmother personally thanked me for making their family trip more special and that they would always treasure the moments I had with Katie forever!

When I had to go wave good-bye to the guests with special Buzz Lightyear hands, Kaite actually saw me in on her way out and she HAD to come say good-bye to me! That alone made my day and to know that she now holds a dear sweet place in my heart, and I hope that she will never forget me in return! THESE are the reasons at to WHY I work for Disney World! You never know who or what can surprise you!

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