Sunday, July 14, 2013

Liiving with a bunch of crazy messed up tour groups

So the past few weeks have been a living nightmare! There are TONS of groups that come from South America to be away from the winter time there and go all cray cray here at Disney World. I was working today with a fellow cast member when there was a HUGE group of about 50-60 teenagers from S.A. chanting VERY LOUD! The fellow cast member told me that they had been warned not to do that but they were still going at it.

When the group came back 30 minutes later, they were chanting very loud yet again. This point we had quite enough of it and my fellow cast member *James (name changed) came over to them and spoke in Spanish to them they had to stop. Without ANY warning they flooded over to our station and were within inches of our faces chanting like crazy wild animals.

I was scared out of my mind because not only did it frighten me but I was having a lot of signs in my body say to me "you need to protect yourself from these crazy wild animals and FAST!" Thankfully James got one of the coordinators online to hear what was going on and hoped that they would get security to come over soon. But as much as we had hoped that would happen, the help we needed did not come fast enough.

After the group left, my body was freaking out on me because I was not prepared for that to happen and I was thrown into a very shocking mess that almost made my body  go into a panic attack from that. When I had to help clear out the park I was beyond exhausted due to having my body FINALLY relax from the event that happened about 4 hours before.

So if ANY of you whop are thinking of coming to Disney World during June-August, DO NOT PLAN YOUR TRIP THAT TIME PERIOD!!!! You might just run into a bunch of crazy messed up fruit loops like the tour group that I had to experience today at work with. So just to warn you all of you think of coming during that time frame, you might not get the Disney experience you wanted in the first place.

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