Saturday, August 10, 2013

Living at EPCOT as an undercover agent!

Hey everyone! I know being an undercover agent with Agent P and the O.W.C.A. is not an easy thing when Dr. Doofensmertz is at large trying to take over the tri-state countries we as agents have to be very careful when we are undercover! Thankfully he hasn't found me yet and I was able to take these amazing pictures of some of the countries while I was undercover at EPCOT a few times. I hope you are not a double agent and that you can be an agent like me some day! <3 Agent Jada

Canada light up at night when I was park clearing. This was a true joy to find light up like this. 

Norway! I love this feeling when I have to work over by this country. 

China! You can meet & greet with Mulan here! 

Germany, this is where Snow White will be at if you plan on seeing her at EPCOT

This reminds me of the movie "Thief Lord". 

Italy. Best place to get gelato. 

For you "whovian" fans you can agree with me that I feel like this angel will transform when I "blink".

Stay calm and don't blink. 


This is after you are done with the show in America or 'Merica! 

One view you can watch "Illiminations" from 'Merica! 

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