Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom

Wow wow wow!!!! I cannot believe the fun I had at Magic Kingdom last night with the not so scary halloween party at Magic Kingdom. My roommate Jocelyn and I went as Mad Hatter and a night fairy. We had such a blast because we got to meet with a lot of characters! I got to see Jack Skelington and Sally, Mad Hatter, Alice, White Rabbit, the 7 dwarfs, Cinderella & Charming, Snow and her prince, Aurora and Philip, Rapunzel and Flynn, Donald Duck & Daisy Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, etc.

Jocelyn and I went to Magic Kingdom a lot earlier to M.K. to do a Disney challenge "dress up as one of your favorite Disney Characters at a theme park". We saw Mad Hatter at the street party on Main Street and when he saw me he went crazy because I was just as Mad as he was. Push the talking trash can came up and talked to me as well for almost 5 minutes. Jocelyn took a video of me talking to him and I had a fun time talking to him.

When the time came for the not so scary party to begin I saw the headless horseman riding on a BEAUTIFUL black horse! I just about died when I saw that. The parade was AMAZING!! I highly recommend staying to see the grave diggers because they are worth your time and hassle waiting. The best thing that I love the most the entire night was when I saw Flynn Rider with Rapunzel. The Flynn I saw two years ago was at the not so scary party!!!! My heart literally stopped when I saw him! I could not believe what I was seeing because he NEVER comes out except on rare occasions. Here are the two pictures below this post. The top one was taken at the not so scary party and the bottom one is from 2 years ago. There are also a few others from the not so scary party as well!

So if any of you who are thinking of going DO IT! You will want to go back!

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