Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time to begin the fun with the family!

Well, the much anticipated time of my college program has FINALLY arrived tonight around 10:20 pm Orlando, Florida time. I was at work tonight to watch Illuminations and then clear the park to make sure guests get out safely when the unexpected happened tonight. At 9 pm the fireworks normally go off but they didn't go off. Strange. Instead there were some fireworks that went off but no music. Okay. Strange that happened. In all my time being here I have NEVER seen that happen before. It was something I must admit not being used to and thanks to Mickey we were able to find the huge problem. THANKS A LOT MALEFICENT!!!!!!

A lot of guests were really upset about it and I can agree with that one 100% but we were able to watch it thank heavens. When we were all done clearing the park and yes we got out on time (shockingly), I called my mom to see if she was still at the airport waiting to meet up with my aunt. They were and they are just as excited to see me as I am for them! Tomorrow I work and 8 hour shift but to be honest it will feel like I just got there then left to see my family! I cannot begin to tell you how I am feeling while I am typing this at 11:50 at night but hey that's what I get for knowing that my family is safe and sound in Orlando and now the memories can begin and some awesome surprises up my sleeve as well. he he he he. Well I have to go to sleep right now because the Food and Wine Festival has already begun but it is going to be CRAZY tomorrow with the Starship band playing. Latters.

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