Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time is Almost Over

I cannot begin to tell you all how hard it is for me to be writing this post. Time had FLOWN for me since I have been here on my internship and in January I will be flying home to Idaho. This is my last time that I will be working for the Disney Company. All the people that I have meet while I have been here have touched my life in the endless memories that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. Having my family come and visit me while I was here was beyond amazing and I am truly grateful that they came to see me when they had the chance. I know some of my friends back at home are coming to work for Disney right after I leave. I promise to those who are coming to be with the company that you will love working here and you will learn to create your own types of memories that will follow with you forever. Some even stick with you that you tell over and over and over again because it meant that much to you as a Disney Cast Member.

I hope that all those who are considering on doing the Disney College Program PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do it! It changed my life and it will for you too! You never know what doors Disney can open for you and it will be once amazing journey to be on and to consider yourself apart of the Disney family.

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