Friday, August 30, 2013

Make A Wish Agent I Meet.

Tonight was a long day for me but that all changed when I came across a family that was from Make A Wish Foundation. The guests' name was Issac and boy he had quiet an awesome smile. The little agent that had come with his family was doing a mission in France when I saw him wearing a Make a Wish button I had to make his night.

I talked with him and soon found out that he is a HUGE fan of Mickey. I found that he was on coming back to EPCOT the next day to see Mickey and the gang. I asked if he had a map of the park When he pulled out his map I was able to circle out where certain characters were hiding at EPCOT.

When I was done showing him the character's hiding spots, I was about to go and finish my run for the night of getting phones when Issac told me that he was really grateful that I showed him with his new map on where to go when he came back the next day.

Now when I was at work today one of my managers told me that I went above and beyond to help that family to where I got an applause-o-gram yet again. Just helping out that family and their son Issac was one of the many reasons WHY I work for Disney. Many people find reasons why they don't want to go to work every day but I find what I can to help others who come to Disney to get away from their worldly problems. It is just amazing to have this and knowing that I can make a difference for someone else in the world.

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