Sunday, February 21, 2016

Memories From the Past

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I was on this part of my blogs. Lately I have been thinking about my time with the last internship I had while I was in Orlando. Now I know a lot of people might become so sick of me mentioning Disney but let me just say this now while I have the chance. When I was younger I loved Disney movies. They were the only things that would calm me down and later became a destresser while I was in high school and college. The music is fantastic and I feel like I can find refuge in the world of Disney when I can't find it anywhere else. Disney you could say saved me. Let me explain why:

While I was working at EPCOT in 2013 on the Disney Internship Program they have I was blessed to work at the Agent P World Showcase Adventure at EPCOT. At first I was super nervous that I would fail on the dialogue of what we were trained to say to guest, where characters were in the countries, etc. But once I got the hang of it, I became in love of EPCOT! The different cultures there are amazing and quite a learning experience. But that's not why I am telling my stories about Agent P. 

While I was working at Agent P, I came to grow close to some of the most amazing people in the world! The first one I want to tell you about is my trainer Angel. He was so kind and welcoming to me when I arrived for my training. He became one of my favorite trainers there at Agent P. I knew I could trust him with anything and working with him was always a joy. He had a smile that could brighten up anyone who maybe having a cruddy day and he always gave the biggest hugs in the world. I'm not sure if I ever got to say thank you to him when I left but Angel, if you are reading this post; thank you for welcoming me to the Agent P family! Your welcoming helped me feel right at home. 

The next one is a true friend that I love to tell people about; Ronnie. He was a true friend and by all means Disney better make him a full time cast member. He KNOWS his Disney homework. On one occasion I was having a very hard day and I came to work with a very foul attitude; one that is not acceptable around Disney guests. Ronnie knew how to cheer me up and in a very fast way too. Ronnie was assigned to go get the F.O.N.E.S. (only Agent P Cast Members know that phrase) around the countries and decided to take me with him. I had just clocked in and was not ready to go out and face guests who could've blown a fuse in me; but Ronnie had a fun yet respectful way of asking me. At first I was not up to it but Ronnie assured me it would be fun; he was right. When we go to Mexico, he decided to skip and sing Disney songs as loud as he could! Instantly I was no longer mad; but happy. I was surprised to discover that I was skipping and singing with Ronnie while guests could see us having so much fun. They were laughing at us because we did not care what others thought of us, we were in our own world. After Ronnie finished his internship, I was sad that one of the best friends in the world that could bring a smile to my face was gone. When he came with his family to just play at the parks, he invited me to come spend some time with them. I was indeed honored. We spent the entire afternoon at Hollywood Studios and getting to spend that day with him and his family gave me the strength to endure the struggles of roommates and angry guests for a few more months until my family came to see me. Ronnie shows the true magic of Disney and to me he was my own personal Mickey Mouse. Ronnie, thank you for showing me love and letting me get to know you better. 

Danielle; she was the one that got me through a very harsh time in my life at Disney. At this point my roommates where making my life a living nightmare (or as some call a living hell). They were making sure I was treated as an 'It' than a human being. The way my roommates were treating me was starting to affect my way at work. Danielle came right when I was really considering on leaving. She made sure every day we were working that I was okay and always re-assured me that I was loved at Agent P because I had family there and those roommates could not hurt me there. She told me that if I needed someone to talk to, she would be there. She was right. As time went by I felt safer at work than I did at my apartment where no love was given to me. Danielle was so kind enough to let me use her camera to give her some ideas for photography since she had no idea where to look. I'm not sure if she got good ideas but it was a start none the less. Whenever she would go to the parks and if I was off work, she would invite me and we would have the best time ever as friends. She made me feel like I was an actual person and I felt safe around her. Danielle, no words can ever express how much you mean to me as a friend and how you never gave up on me during those dark times! Thank you!!!

My roommate Larissa; she was one in a million. I cannot even express how lucky I was when she came into my life. She came when I had only two months left of my internship. But those two months felt like a life time. She was my roommate that shared the same room as me but she treated me as if I actually existed in the apartment. When she was going to go out with her friends, she would ask if I wanted to tag along. Most of the time I would but others I would decline. Lari (her nickname) would listen to me and would give me comfort when I felt alone. I remember on one occasion when she had just moved into the apartment, she invited me to go to a party she and her friends were doing at a different apartment complex. That was the first time I was ever recognized by any roommate in months. I gladly accepted. While we were at that party, I actually enjoyed myself for the first time and I enjoyed being around Lari and her friends. When she worked and if I was at the park I would go over and give her a hug and talk for a few minutes. Even though we no longer work at Disney, she is the only roommate that I have stayed in contact with. Lari, I love ya cutie and always go with the flow! Lol. 

Benji was a true friend. When Benji joined the Agent P family it was so much fun to work with him. On one occasion he and I were going around the countries to get the F.O.N.E.S. and we were just goofing around and having a blast. He had a smile that made anyone forget the worries they carry in their hearts. He made me feel at ease and he always encouraged me to do the impossible. When Benji was in a event called 'Night of Stars' I went to support him as a friend. So many people where there but when they announced who won for best instrumental; Benji won! I was screaming for joy because he did an amazing job with his talent. I remembered him telling me how he loved Steamboat Willie (Older Mickey Mouse version) while we were working one day and how he was a huge Mickey Mouse fan. I knew I had to draw him Steamboat Willie; I did. After I finished the drawing I left it for Benji at work since I wasn't able to give it to him due to me having to go to a section for the fireworks that I had to be at in 10 minutes. He received the drawing and was very happy that he got a drawing of Steamboat Willie. Benji is such an awesome friend and I am glad we got to know one another at Agent P. 

I could go on and on about my friends and family that I came to know through Agent P but that will be a long post for people to read through. But I wanted to show you all some of the friends who had changed my world for the better and I am grateful they did! 

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