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Tips on how to prepare yourself for fun after getting accepted into the Disney College Program

It has been a long time since I've been on this blog but I feel like I need to give some advice to those who are going to be going on the Disney College Program either soon or just got the acceptance letter (via email). Either it be to Disneyland or Disney World, you will be having so many memories that will last more than ten lifetimes. So to help get you prepared for a ton of fun and memories, here is a list of what you could do. 

1. If you are working at Disney World, try to do the ultimate challenge; four parks in one day. Trust me, this one is very difficult and not very many DCP students who did this actually succeeded. I got to three parks before crashing from spending more time on the bus transportation than the parks itself. But it is fun none the less. 

2. Dress up as a Disney character and spend the day in the parks. I caution you all on this one because if you are close to looking like the character itself, they may ask you to leave. So dress up as a character that you do not look close to resemblance or you may get kicked out. The reason Disney does that is to "preserve the Magic" you'll understand when you got through orientation. 

3. If you are there during the biggest holidays of the year, go to the parties they hold at Magic Kingdom. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Party are the two biggest ones they hold every year. The most rare characters come out only for these parties and the only way in is by paying for the admission for the party. If you did not pay for the party you will be asked to leave so those who did pay will be able to come in. 

4. Take as many pictures as you possibly can! This is how my Disney Side came out while I was working for the Disney company. On my days off, I would go to the parks and take tons and tons of pictures. I actually caught and little girl dresses as Anastasia from 'Cinderella' and it was to precious not to pass up on taking pictures like that because you never see a child dresses as a Disney villain. 

5. See the firework shows! I have seen every firework show at Disney World and my favorite ones have always been; EPCOT's Illuminations Refections of Earth and Magic Kingdom's Wishes show. There is just something about those two shows that have a special meaning in my heart and it is very difficult to describe it to others until they see it for themselves. 

6. Do every popular ride in all the theme parks! The best way to accomplish this is to be there when the parks open. If you go later on in the day it ends up being a 2 hour + wait and that is a huge pain. If you like the front seat it is actually the best spot on the ride because you get front view. I love that on a lot of those rides. 

7. Take a bunch of friends with you when you go the parks. The more people that go with you the better the memories are made. There are some days you want to go by yourself but most of the time its nice to have a friend tag along with you. 

8. If you want to hunt down characters that are only out for certain hour of the day, get a shirt or autograph book to have as a memento. The characters at Disney World Magic Kingdom are more likely to be out in the morning and leave at 2pm. These ones are the more difficult ones to find. 

9. There will be tons of CDP events just for the college students who are there on the internship and I advise you all to go to them if you can. There is one that I loved the most was when I graduated the Disney College Program. We go to have free food (they have this in a lot of events), got to take pictures with the fantastic six (Mickey and the Gang), got our own Mickey Mouse graduation ears, a diploma showing we did it, and getting to spend time with friends we made while living or working with them. 

10. For those who are going to work At Disney World, make sure you go to Universal Studios Orlando to do the Harry Potter experience. That is one of the fun things I did that was not Disney related. I never got to do the newest section since they were under construction while I was there but I've made plans to be going back to do it. 

11. Do St. Augustine and the Fountain of Youth if your in Florida. I never got to do those while I was there but it is a definite must. So many CP students carpool there since it is cheeper to do that then pay a taxi (which will cost you and arm and a leg). There is so much to see and do there so take the chance to go if you can. 

12. If you are working during May, Star Wars Weekends are ones to never forget!!! I went in 2013 and I do not regret not missing the chance since I got there towards the end of it. But hey I got to see Warwick Davis the weekend I went. I told him that he was amazing and rocked. He looked at me and said that I rocked too and loved my support for him. I mean come on HE'S IN HARRY POTTER!!! 

13. I could go on and on of things to do but this is the most important thing that I can give you is to have the best time of your life while you are there because those small yet simple memories you make, last forever. 

I hope these things will help you and even though there will be hard times every now and then but just remember when you set foot onto the busses every morning that YOU are changing someone else's life better when they are having a hard time in their own lives. I wish you luck and have a fun time on your internship!!!! Below are some pictures of what you could expect to have for yourself or some that never occur very often! 

The castle light up at night. 

Getting to meet-n-greet with Mickey and Minnie.

Meeting Pinocchio at Magic Kingdom.  A kid photo bombed me in this picture. 

Splash Mountain. 

Animal Kingdom Tree of Life. 

The famous Cinderella Castle. This was on my last day on my 2011 Disney Internship. 

The 'Partners' statue that stands proud in front of the castle. 

The view of the castle on the bridge going over to Liberty Square. 

The statue of Cinderella fountain that is on the backside of the castle.

During the Star Wars Weekend I went on the Star Tours ride my 1st time and I was the Rebel Spy!!! 

Meeting Anna and Elsa the first day they came out before the release of the 'Frozen' movie. 

Having breakfast at Ohana's with fellow Disney College Program cast members. This was right before we all had to say goodbye and go back to the real world of school, jobs, and reality. 

Christmas Eve 2013 at Magic Kingdom. 

One of the many signs welcoming you to the happiest place on earth. 

Lights, Mortars, Action show at Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

The one time that I've ever seen the castle multi-colored. 

Hades at the College Disney Ball that ONLY College Program students could go to. This was amazing to get a picture with Hades even though he's huge!! !

Graduating the 2013 DCP! I earned my ears and diploma. 

Me and my friend Ronnie on Splash Mountain late at night. we went twice with no one to stop us!!!  

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